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Of all the things that the automotive industry has brought to us, one of the greatest implementations it has ever made has to be transponder keys. Owing to the spate in car thefts due to their vulnerability to being hotwired, these high-security keys managed to eliminate it out of the picture, going a long way in improving anti-theft measures and improving upon vehicular security. Today, just about every major brand, be it Volkswagen, Ford, BMW etc use this technology to eliminate chances of the car being hotwired.

How does it work?

A transponder key comprises two basic components; one, a mechanical blade, two, a programmable chip. The chip carries a unique serial number. When the key is inserted in the ignition system, the chip then sends out a unique signal which needs to be validated in order to deactivate the immobilizers and start the engine. In case the wrong key is inserted, the car remains immobile.

Advanced anti-theft features

In stark contrast to conventional car models that could be easily started through hot wiring, transponder keys brought in a new revolution in the security industry – but it didn’t stop there. The tech kept evolving and instead of fixed codes, new models were introduced with rolling codes, which meant that every time the key was inserted, the unique codes would keep changing, thus making duplication or hacking nearly impossible.

Transponder key replacements – why are they expensive?

Locksmith Service Columbia MD Columbia, MD 410-874-9022Unlike your average key you use to operate your home’s lock, transponder keys vary in terms of complexity. The key needs to be cut with precision and in addition needs to be programmed so it’s able to sync with your car. Losing a car key means that you’ll have to set aside a significant sum to get a new one made! This is because it requires extensive expertise and is quite a tedious task, thus making the heavy charges justifiable – but there’s a better way! Choose the more budget-friendly option with Locksmith Service Columbia MD. We get transponder keys made at a fraction of the price charged by your dealer.

All your transponder key needs sorted

Are you looking for a spare key? Do you want us to reconfigure the system because you suspect your transponder key has been stolen? No matter what the need, our car locksmiths can handle it all! We own a profound range of key blanks, state-of-the-art computer programming tools and key cutting machines that enable us to carry out the job with finesse. Most of all, we have over a decade of experience in the field, that allow us to make transponder keys for any make or model of cars.

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